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...because the size, quality and time matters

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Dni Prilezitosti v Bratislave
Si študent VŠ a hľadáš prácu? Študentská organizácia IAESTE Slovakia pre Teba každoročne organizuje najväčší veľtrh práce na Slovensku.
How-know Grand Opening :-) 29.10.2008
A new project for University and high school students, will be opened October 29,2008 (Wednesday, 7.00pm) in Bratislava. This unique project should start an easier way to be up to date with the modern technology and society. First presenters will come from ESET Company. One presentation is going to be about IT and cyber crime from the view of law, the other one is about technics of viruses, how they hide from people who want them analyze. Please welcome Peter Kovac and Peter Kosinar :-)
ESET Antivirus
The winner removes all ! .....viruses, best antivirus on the market.
Kysucovica v Bratislave
Si Kysucan zijuci v Bratislave? Kazdorocne stretnutie Kysucanov pri hudbe a nie len kofole v Bratislave.
Welcome to Zamendo!
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Friday, 01 August 2008 01:00



This website should tell you more about me, my hobbies, work and also give you a chance to contact me. I 'll try to put here time to time any news I have, pictures and other things which could be for one of us interesting.

mmmm don't think much about the sentence on the top "...because the size, quality and time matters", the first time there was only "...because the size matters" what sounds let's say a little "funny" :-) so I just changed to something with more mmm good sense :)

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..z kuchyne nášho národného hokejového tímu :-) PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 May 2009 00:00


  • Po dvoch tretinách hokejového stretnutia vojde do kabíny rozhlasového reportéra tréner slovenského mužstva. "Počúvajte", prihovára sa reportérovi. "Nemohli by ste komentovať trochu pomalšie? Moji chlapci už nevládzu tak rýchlo behať!"

  •  Do šatne vstúpi Filc a hovorí:  "Chlapi už somprišiel na to, čo urobíme, aby sme vyhrávali.". "Čo tréner?" -"Spravím z vás dychovku!"

  • Po prilete do Blavy vravi Bartecko kapitanovi lietadla aby mu pozical uniformu ,aby ho ludia nespoznali. Kapitan suhlasil a tak sa prezliekli.Na letisku ho nejaka stara baba taha za rukav a vravi tak co Bartecko nie je byt kapitan ako kapitan! , Bartecko ostal zarazeny a opytal sa starenky ako ho spoznala.Ona na na to:" ja nie som ziadna stara baba ja som FILC" :)


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..from my current work.... PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 May 2009 00:00

These days I play with GIS, especially connection between Google maps with my Database of objects. You can see some partial results in the main top menu on the right side "GIS". It's just a sample of data, so some objects could have a different position to where it really is.

Later I will add other tools I already have:

  • a conversion tool between S-JTSK, S42 and WGS84(GPS) coordinates
  • search in the database of objects
  • you will have a chance also to add some new objects and GPS tracks
  • you will be able to download existing gps tracks which will be stored on the server by any of you
Talk to you later :-)
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